Road Trip

Mom is coming to visit tomorrow until Saturday.  We are going to attend a wedding shower for one of her college friend’s daughters Saturday.  Dad is going to drive her up and then head back home. She’ll stay overnight at Sister K’s apartment and then Sister K and I will drive her back on Saturday.  It’s easier to stay at Sister K’s because she has cement floors making it easier than carpet for Mom to roll around with her walker, and then it’s also just the three of us girls. 

We were on the phone today at lunchtime working out all of the details of this and who would drive up, back, etc. For a second I felt selfish.  I wished we didn’t have to orchestrate all of this. I wished a simple overnight trip didn’t require a big plan filled with coordinating cars and people.  But then I thought to myself, stop. Stop thinking these thoughts. Mom is here and fighting this disease everyday. I am also blessed by her fighting spirit everyday.

By planning a weekend trip with a few extra logistics, by not getting frustrated and canceling plans- that is how Dad, Sister K and I also fight MS.  We all have our role in this fight against Mom’s MS and it’s important we remember that always.

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