30 Minutes of Bliss

Three way Calling.  It has been around forever. In a world of new inventive ways of communicating over the past 10 years I can say that three way calling was here long before texting and instant messaging. I remember using it in high school and am laughing because 10 years later here I am using it again for different reasons. 

Recently Sister K and I have been spending more time 3 way calling with our family in the evenings. I am obsessed with these 3 way calls. They are hilarious and fun and make me dizzy with laughter the entire time I am on the phone. There is something about them that is thrilling. An adrenaline rush of a phone call.  To know we are all on the phone together. At the same time. But not in the same place. We fill an entire 30 minutes with nonstop talking about nothing at all.  There is laughter, there are interruptions as we talk over one another, there is even Dad randomly popping in when Mom hands him the phone to make us laugh.

Just a few more minutes turns into more and more minutes. These converations are never short and quiet, they are long and loud. Husband actually left the room to go close himself in the bedroom because he couldn’t take much more last night. But these 30 minutes. These 30 minutes leave me absorbed into a happiness high, full of love as I hit the pillow at night.

I may no longer be able to run around the mall with Mom like I used to or go places as easily but we can still talk and we can still laugh.  I have noticed I have talked a lot about laughing recently. I think I am realizing how much laughter is a large part of the foundation of my family. Our inside jokes, our silly moments, these things are part of the roots that hold us together. The laughter has changed over the years. What was once full of Dad swinging his little girls high up in the air upside down is now filled with moments of talking about life in an upside down kind of way. And when our world feels like it is upside down most of the time it is harder to fight it than embrace it.  And how do we embrace it as gracefully as we can? We laugh.  

Have you ever just sat back and laughed at your life? Does your family have silly inside jokes that bond you together? When was the last time you three way called someone?      

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