A Simple Celebration

Father’s Day is Sunday. Sister K and I are heading home this weekend to celebrate Dad. And celebrate Dad we will. We think he deserves an extra special celebration this year and Sister K and I want to make sure it is just that. He selected the menu- tomorrow we will swim in the pool, Papa will grill steaks and we will have corn, cole slaw and potato salad. Will these dishes be homemade? Ha. Nope. We are not exactly big chefs in my family. We will then eat an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. Pralines ‘n Creme, vanilla cake and Happy Father’s Day on top. Sunday we’re going to take him out to breakfast. That’s the plan. It’s a simple plan. But given the state of our “un-simple” life, it is a much welcome simple plan.

I was thinking about it and realized this is the first time we will all be together at home since Mom’s relapse issues began. Sure we have all been home but Mom was sick, or in the hospital or rehab and we were staying with her. It marks a big moment for us. A moment of moving forward. A moment of accepting the changes, adjusting to them and moving forward. Dad referred to this stage the other day as “posititvely moving uphill.”

I credit Dad with the positive element of this. He has held us together through all of this. He kept us moving. He was Mom’s advocate. He has been in two places at once. He has worn the many hats of husband, father, caregiver and then boss for his job. He never faltered. He never seemed shaken. And that was a comfort. We instinctively know when things are a big deal by Dad’s reaction. We look to him to gauge the severity of the situation. He continues to be the rock for Sister K and me. We continue positively moving forward because we see Dad positively moving forward. Dad has always been the greatest father in every sense of the word but over the past few months, especially the past few weeks he held us up. I admire him for his strength and faith. And I want to thank him for it. Hoping this Father’s Day brings a day of celebrating him as a father the way he deserves for everything he has done for us.

Hoping your family has a wonderful Father’s Day. What are your plans this weekend? Do you think sometimes the simplest celebrations are often the most fun? Do you like ice cream cakes? Dad is obsessed. I prefer a cookie cake 🙂

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