Friday Frustration

I didn’t post on Friday. I tried. But I couldn’t figure out how to express how I felt. I was home with Sister K and Mom. Dad was out of town and asked if one of us could come in Thursday night to stay with Mom while he was gone. Well one of us quickly became both of us. We were quickly calling it a sleepover. Mom is okay by herself for periods of time but nighttime can be more challenging with getting back into bed. Plus it is just nice knowing someone is there with her in case she needs something.

But Friday I was feeling frustrated. Frustrated with Mom. I couldn’t figure out how to express it. I knew it wasn’t Mom’s fault. I knew it was just the nature of MS but Sister K and I were frustrated. We really wanted to take Mom shopping with us. We thought it would do her so much good to get her out of the house. We had strategized and devised a plan to make this as simple as possible. We would only go to one store, Loft. It is a big store, very comfortable for Mom to be in and plus they were having big sales. We thought we could take Mom in her wheelchair just to have a fun experience out of the house. Keep it simple. But when it came time for it on Friday Mom didn’t want to go.

It was tough. Mom was tired from her physical therapy. She was also nervous about getting out of the house without Dad around. It was hard on us because we had been looking forward to this. I know this is one of the tough parts of MS- how tired it makes Mom feel. But it’s just so frustrating. Sister K and I don’t know how much of this is that and how much is fear. We assume it is a combination of both. We respect that and we are trying really hard to go with the flow on all of this. Coming up with new activities, making our time around the house together more fun but the hard part is adapting to Mom not being around for the activities she has always done with us. In a way our time spent with Mom has always been “on the go.” She was a stay at home Mom so to say she was there for everything would be an understatement. It is hard not having her around for these simple things she has always done with us. People might think it is odd that at 28 and 25 we still want our Mom around to go shopping with, but we do. It’s harder when we know she is at home and we are out without her too. And it is hard watching MS take that away from us. It is hard dealing with it. We ended up inviting Papa over and we picked up pizza and salads. We are becoming more of a food to go instead of a restaurant family these days too. Another transition.

These may seem mundane things to be sad about missing out on but to Sister K and me they are tough. Shopping and restaurants. These are two things we have always really enjoyed doing with Mom and they are two things that are tough on Mom right now too. Simple activities I took for granted that have changed. I don’t want to sound selfish. I struggle with how to not come across that way. I am trying to go with the flow with these changes, but some moments are harder than others. Friday was one of those days.

How do you accept changes in what your family members are capable of doing compared to what they used to do? Do I need to truly embrace a “go with the flow” attitude in order to truly embrace these changes? How are you staying cool today? It is 100+ where I am.  

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