Lunch Time is Our Time

Sister K told me something today: “Mom gets so excited when you call her on your lunch break. When I was home at 12:00 and the phone rang she would exclaim oh it’s time for “lunchtime chat!”

I think I mentioned before “lunchtime chats” are something Mom and I started calling my lunch break a few years ago when I started my first job. I was bored and lonely so I would call her on my lunch hour and keep her on the phone while we ran errands together, walked around or sometimes literally ate my lunch.

But now it has kind of become our thing. It is our time. Sometimes the conversations are long and sometimes they are short. Sometimes they are deep and sometimes they are light. But pretty much everyday we talk around 12pm. It’s now a way for me to check in with Mom to see how things are going and see if she’s having a good day or bad day.

I think we all have things like this we do in our lives. Little things that seem little to us but are a big deal to someone else. To me these phone calls are just little things. They are something I started doing because I was bored at lunch and wanted someone to talk to, but they have become much more than that…they have become my time with Mom. They give her something to look forward to knowing everyday around lunchtime, the phone is going to ring and it’s going to be me. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we argue, but regardless it’s time with Mom and it helps me to focus on her as Mom and not Mom with MS.

Is there anything small you started with others in your life that has become something much bigger? Do you like talking on the phone or prefer email/text communication? Hope you have a great weekend!

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