A Little Thing

Every week Dad buys Mom a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a little thing. A little thing, a small gesture but it brings a big smile.

Mom doesn’t leave the house a lot. She can’t unless one of us is going with her. She has been forced, not by her choosing, to give up a lot of her freedom. I need to remember to think about what that must be like. Losing the freedom to just get in the car and drive somewhere. Run a simple errand. Go to the post office. She can’t do any of it anymore. Dad realizes this. He realizes her house has now become her safety blanket. Her house is now her world. He knows he can’t do much to change this but the one small thing he can do is buy Mom flowers. Flowers to brighten her day. Flowers to brighten her kitchen. They are a little thing that makes a big difference.

What kind of little things do you do that may mean a lot to someone? Do you enjoy having fresh flowers in your house? What is your favorite flower?

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