I Need To Talk

I am having a hard time. There I said it. I am having a hard time. I don’t have a handle on this and feel like instead of getting better at handling Mom’s MS I am getting worse at it. To the outside world I tend to seem like I have it all together. I talk positively, I say all the right things, sure it’s tough, I am dealing with it, I am fine, etc etc.

Inside I am feeling differently.

Inside I am struggling. Inside I feel lonely. Inside I miss my Mom even though she is very much still here. For the past five years since I started working Mom and I have spent the majority of my lunch hours on the phone. Lunchtime chats is what we fondly referred to these conversations. I wandered around outside, talking about my morning, talking about life, just talking and then when my lunch hour was over I went back to work and Mom continued on with her day. These carefree conversations were something I never gave much thought but I could depend on them no matter what kind of day I was having- and in the course of starting new jobs, changing cities, managing challenging situations there were many moments where these conversations were what got me through the day.

But now things are different. Mom isn’t as sharp as she once was and I am not sure if that is the MS, the amount of medicine she is on or a combination of both. But regardless our conversations are not the same. There is a lot of repetition and a lot of simple topics that are not too complex. There are times where I just need some advice but I can’t get Mom to understand the story and in those moments I feel frustrated. There are times I call and Mom may be having a bad day or be in pain and in those moments I feel sad. There are times when we are having the exact same conversation we have already had before and in those moments I feel stressed.

When I get off the phone I am typically not in a better frame of mind than I was before and I need to shut it off and go back to work or go back to life….and that is hard. I feel like I am living a double life in my head- the person who has it all together / the daughter who feels like she has nothing together…and I am having a hard time managing it.

I need to come here and talk about this. I need to continue to talk about this. I have faith I’ll find a way to positively handle this new chapter in my journey with Mom’s MS…and I think a big part will be holding myself accountable about my true feelings here so I can begin to manage them.

How do you manage multiple emotions and situations going on in your life? How do you manage the tough parts while living the good parts? 




4 thoughts on “I Need To Talk

  1. You handle the tough days knowing that a good day is just around the corner. When I was diagnosed with MS my Mother gave me sage advise. I was depressed and my Mother told me I had every right to be depressed, I had been dealt a terrible blow. Then she looked at her watch and said “you’ve got 15 minutes, go!” Best advice ever! You want to be depressed and rail at the world? Fine, but only for 15 minutes. Concentrate on the positive! Your mother is still alive, she can speak, it could be worse.

    • You are so right and I appreciate your words so much. 15 minutes, go! That is so applicable to many parts of life, especially this. Concentrate on the positive- thank you for the reminder and for taking the time to remind me of these things.

  2. Your post makes me very sad.I am the one with MS in my parent/daughter relationship. I am 50 now and at the veeeery beginning of cognitive issues that I AND my family can see. I wonder what my future will be like.
    Thank you for writing this post. As painful as it is for me, at the same time, it helps me begin to process other possibilities about my MS.This is very important.
    I also thank you for my daughter and other children who find themselves in your position. It’s a guide for them when they’ll need it. It will serve to let them know they’re not the only one’s to deal with this, and by your example…they will be okay.
    I wish you strength and peace,

    • Thank you for your comment. I know everyone’s journey with MS is different and every family’s journey is different. I appreciate your kind words knowing that somehow my words may help others out there dealing with these or similar changes either in themselves or in their family. I think the biggest lesson I have learned is how powerful supporting my family and laughing our way through this really can be- and I know your family will find their own way in dealing with any changes too. I appreciate your comment and appreciate you coming here to read my words.

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