My mom has MS: 101

My mom has MS.  Words that have become part of my identity.  They are now an element of my family and an element of my life.  When I processed these words in my head for the first time I didn’t know the perfect way to react.  I still don’t know the perfect way to react. 
No one writes an instruction manual to help you deal with the words.  I wish they did.  Instead I am making it up as I go along, trying to do give myself lessons day by day, trying to deal with this day by day.  Some days I do really good, some days I do really bad, some days I give myself an A+ and some days I give myself an F.  I was a good student when I was in school.  I studied hard and I made good grades.  But this test I am now being given everyday, this class I am now enrolled in everyday, I didn’t register for it.  I didn’t get a syllabus for it.  I don’t know how to study for it, how to prepare for it or how to get an A+ in it and that frustrates me to no end. 
Everyday my world is the classroom and everyday I am the student.  My hope is that through this blog I can become a better student.  I can collect my thoughts so when I return to the classroom I am better prepared.  I can take a break from this class and enjoy recess.    

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