Beating The Weasel

While writing my post yesterday, I realized I had finally discovered the ideal image to depict my thoughts on MS.  Everything can be summed up by the theme park game where little weasels pop up and using a giant paddle players try and hit them back under ground as fast as possible.  I don’t know the actual name of this game and I am not even sure it has one.  I googled “theme park hit the weasel game” but was unsuccessful in my search. 

Regardless, I started to think of all the different feelings/symptoms each of those weasels symbolize in MS for both my mom and me.  It pulls together a range of symptoms which lead to problems which I try to solve for my mom.  They are different for both of us but we each have our own set of weasels.  To help me not stress and instead feel empowered that I can beat the feelings, I’m going to visualize holding my paddle and hitting each negative thought or emotion down even though I know it may pop right back up.  I am going to commit to continue swinging the paddle to hit them back down below.  Becuase that is what I have to do.  I have to keep trying, keep swinging the paddle and hope that one day the weasel I keep hitting stays down for good.

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