Music and Me

I by no means consider myself a connoisseur of music or would I even say I have good taste in music.  In fact, I am often made fun of for my taste in music.  My tastes range from pop to country.  Usually the faster and more upbeat, the better.  Sometimes I enjoy slower songs I can relate to the words.  I love the disco era and often believe I was born in the wrong era.  I like music I can dance to and music that brings me up.  I also like songs I can relate to with an occasional slow tune. 

I think I get this from my family, specifically Mom.  We are a dancing family.  I love to dance therefore I love music I can dance to.  Recently there have been a couple songs I have been really into for different reasons. 

One Direction “What Makes You Beautiful” In case you don’t know who they are, meet One Direction, the new boy band sensation.  As a person who was a full blown New Kids on the Block, Back Street Boys and NSYNC fan, One Direction just represents all that I love about music.  And all that I typically get made fun of for music.  As this band played on Saturday Night live this past weekend Sister K and I staged an impromptu dance performance in the living room while Mom sat in the ktichen laughing at us.  Mom had been in pain from her spasticity so it felt good to see her laughing so hard and to be the reason for that laughter. 

Maroon 5  featuring Christina Aguilera “Moves Like Jagger” When I heard this song and Sister K began declaring she wasn’t as into it as I was, I knew there was someone who would be, Mom.  It played on tv one night as I introduced it to her for the first time. Now whenever she hears it in the car, we refer to it as Jagger and she even has Dad into it.  She’ll be sitting down using her hands and singing the words to dance along.  We are working on a coordinated routine between us that involves sitting.  Thanks to music and songs like this I know for a few minutes she’ll be happily lost in the song with her mind absent of stress and body absent of pain.

Blake Shelton “God Gave Me You”  I have heard this song several times.  I’ve heard it on country stations and on Christian radio stations.  Everytime I do I think of someone different in my life- Husband, Mom, Dad, Sister K- I think of family.  It is a song I can get lost in. It makes me pause and reflect.  It makes me be present.  It makes me thankful for the people I have in my life even when circumstances aren’t exactly as I wished they’d be and I can always work on being more thankful. 

Are there any songs you relate to right now for silly or serious reasons?  Any memories you have tied to songs that always bring a smile to your face?  Do you also agree I have bad taste in music like most other people in my life? 🙂

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