This is Us

6.16.12 This is a visual into Father’s Day. A day of relaxing and fun and enjoying our time together at home. In a way this is a visual of how we live with MS.

Mom sitting on the patio chatting with Sister K. Next to her you can see our spoiled dachsund Lucy floating on a raft as Dad swims by.

Dad, Papa and Me devising a dinner strategy. Dad pouring drinks, Papa grilling and Me bringing out our not so homemade side dishes. 

Here is a glimpse into my family. A glimpse into our spirit. A glimpse into where it comes from and the energy it gives us. Energy that keeps us laughing and keeps things fun. Our high maintence dachsund who enjoys floating on a raft. My blue mumu dress seen on me above. Dresses that Sister K and I have recently started wearing when we are hanging out at home. They add a festive element to whatever we may be doing regardless of it being Father’s Day. Mom’s mailbox- the name I have given the basket attached to Mom’s new walker “Walkie” because it carries things around for her. 

These things may seem dumb. They may not even be funny to anyone else but they symbolize the heart of my family. They are silly but important moments that keep us laughing and prevent us from taking life too seriously at times. Because at times the topic of MS is serious. It is so serious it can become overwhelming. It can bring us down. Instead we use these small things to keep us laughing, keep things light and keep our energy up. That walker in the picture above, a walker I was nervous about entering our family at one time- it may seem odd to say this but it is right at home in the middle of our family. Something we accept and look past with a smile. But I am proud because to me these pictures show we are still the same family regardless of MS- craziness and all.

Does your family do silly things to keep the energy positive? How have you adapted to changes in lifestyle because of MS? Do your dogs float on rafts?

2 thoughts on “This is Us

  1. LOL about the dog on the float; I’m sure if we had a pool and if he liked water, our dog would be on a float since he is way too spoiled.

    I liked the pictures you shared. You’re taking what you have to work with and trying to make it work the best you can.

    We’re not dealing with MS but we have our sillys we do when we’ve gone through hard times in the past; I think a lot is just being together as much as we can doing things we enjoy doing together, like putting a meal together, eating together, etc.


  2. Hi Betty, I am glad you got a laugh out of our dog on a float! Gotta love a spoiled dog. I am glad you are enjoying my blog even if you aren’t dealing with MS in your family. My hope is that people can relate to it regardless of MS even though it is focused on that. Family is a big part of my life and I hope I am conveying the power of a strong family here. Glad you enjoyed my pictures- hoping to put more up soon. I need a fancy iPhone like my sister and in the meantime I am just taking advantage of hers. Thank you for commenting- it means so much!

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