Do You Dream?

I am feeling kind of nostalgic today and not sure why. Thinking about black and white pictures of famous faces; old television shows from my childhood; my favorite movies- the fact that I have been playing around on Pinterest may have something to do with this. Have you experienced Pinterest? It’s kind of fun and can quickly become addicting. Everytime I am on it, I feel like it is a mind break. A dreaming adventure. What my dream house would look like; what a party would like that I would throw; pictures of fantastic desserts I could bake; the list goes on.

It’s an interesting mind exercise for me though because lately I am finding myself having trouble dreaming. Dreaming of the future. Dreaming of fun times. It is all just difficult for me. I am trying to take life one day at a time. How does that work when you are dreaming of the future? It also scares me to dream of the future. I get nervous to think about Mom in the future. To dream of a future party, but how would Mom attend? To dream of a future house, but how will Mom get around it? The list goes on. Pinterest packages these dreams into nice square pictures. Happy pictures. Pictures that make me smile but also bring up a list of concerns in my head.

I am trying to be hopeful. I actually feel like I am doing a pretty good job the past week. I judge my progress in this area in weeks. But the idea of dreaming about the future is still tough. Tough because it conflicts with taking things one day at a time which is what everyone tells you to do. I don’t know how to balance it, but I do know I should find a way. It is fun to dream. It is exciting to dream. It is uplifting to dream. All feelings that I need to have and need to feel.

Do you like to dream? Do you think there is a conflict between taking life one day at a time and dreaming of the future? What are your favorite things to dream about- travel, houses, parties, etc? Have you discovered Pinterest yet?

2 thoughts on “Do You Dream?

  1. I am a total dreamer and I also reflect on the past, which I think is different than dwelling on the past. I always try to learn from my mistakes and I always want to be better tomorrow. So I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as long as we keep appreciating today:) And I have not gotten on pinterest yet, even though I signed up for it. I heard it is so addictive! Is it??

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