The Power of Personality

I wish I could spend time observing and analyzing family personalities. I find it fascinating how much the personality of parents can impact their child. How siblings personalities can be so different yet so similar even though they have essentially been raised in the same manner. Then how much the personality of a person will impact who they attract in life. And the cycle continues.

I think I have become so interested in this because my family is a unique one. I have been asked by many people “what did your parents do to make all of you so close?” Or “what did your Mom do to make you so close to her?” When I get asked these questions I feel dumbfounded in a way. How did we get this way? Could it simply just be our personalities?

Especially since Mom got MS I feel at times like everything but the kitchen sink is being thrown at us. It is testing us individually and as a family on a regular basis. It can leave us questioning our actions and responses. Actions and responses that are deeply rooted in our personalities which are deeply rooted in Mom and Dad. I never realized how valuable and how much of a tool my personality would be in dealing with the big parts of life. And of the many traits of my personality, the part that’s the biggest tool against a disease that has potential to destroy my family- my loyalty. Loyalty to my family who I love. Loyalty to our relationship that I am incredibly protective of and will fight to preserve. Without that loyalty I think I might have given up several times, but I don’t. I grab hold of the people I love and together we continue to fight and figure out our new normal.

Do you think it’s interesting to think about people’s personalities? Within your family does your personality play a specific role? How do you think your personality impacts how you deal with challenges? What is your greatest trait to aid you through your tough moments?

4 thoughts on “The Power of Personality

  1. I love this post and the questions you pose. So glad you have such a tight-knit family and am sure you all lean on each other during through your Mom’s MS. In my family, we all defitely have a specific role. My role was always the “fixer” and who everone would go to to rely on and help with their problems. Since my MS diagnosis, that role has changed a little bit but I am fine with that. But my greatest trait would have to be my strength, and how in most situations, I am able to keep from panicking. I’ve had my moments where that is not always the case, but I use my strength to keep my head above water.

    Thanks for this great post!!

    • You bring up a good point about how you may be one role in your family but then other circumstances cause your role to shift a little bit. I have noticed myself filling certain roles my Mom used to that she isn’t able to anymore and it is just a natural transition. Nothing anyone notices but when I stop to take as tep back I can see it. I think strength in tough situations is a very valuable trait as your reaction to things really has the ability to impact so many other people too. Glad you enjoyed this post- thank you for the compliment!

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