Football and Accountability

College football season has begun. I am not a huge football fan, even in college the games were more of a social event than an intense sports experience for me. I went to the same college my Grandpa went to. He and my Grandma had season tickets to the games all their lives and this became very special when I started there as well. The funny thing is I had never intended to go to this university- Mom and Dad didn’t go there and I was considering other schools. I had applied, was accepted and just decided in March of my senior year I would go. I based this on deciding one college I was considering was too close because it was in the same city as my parents and the other was in another state and too far away. This one seemed like the perfect compromise.

That decision began a series of memories I could not imagine my life without. When I started college I would visit with my Grandparents before the games. When Sister K decided she also wanted to go there Mom and Dad also bought season tickets. They would come up with my grandparents and visit with us before the games. I only experienced that for one year because Sister K and I only overlapped in college for one year- I was a senior and she was a freshman.

Two years ago my Grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s and around that time Mom’s MS symptoms were making it more difficult to attend the games. So Sister K, Husband and I started going with my Grandfather. He would ride up on a bus chartered by the school or we would go home for the weekends and drive him up and back.

Last football season Mom and Dad didn’t go to any games. It became too much with all of the walking and our student center was being renovated so there wasn’t a place for her to sit and watch indoors with Dad. But now our student center is finished and tomorrow we are all going to the game. Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Husband, Sister K and Me. Mom and Dad won’t go to the game but will sit inside the student center to watch. We’ll wheel Mom around in her wheelchair and she will love being back in the middle of the game day atmosphere. More than anything we will be creating new memories.

The day will probably bring some challenges for us. I am sure there will be new things to learn as we navigate Mom around our college campus, figure out the best place to eat for everyone to feel most comfortable and get Mom and Dad a nice spot to sit and watch the game at…I have given it just a “little” thought. But at the same time I am excited to share this with everyone again. I am hoping I remain patient and am able to roll with any bumps in the road that may occur along the way. I am writing it here as a way to remind myself to be patient and avoid feeling overwhelmed and frustrated- to hold myself accountable.

What are you plans for the weekend? Do you like college football or ever go to any football games of any kind? How do you hold yourself accountable when trying to change?

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