Two Years Ago

Today is our day. Husband and mine. It is our 2 year wedding anniversary. I am actually amazed at everything we have gone through together in the past 2 years. We are fondly telling everyone we survived the “terrible twos.” The past year has been a crazy year for us.

But with any wedding anniversary comes thoughts of the wedding day. One theme I am filled with everytime I think about it, look at pictures or watch our wedding video is love. The love of my husband, the love of my family, the love of our friends- it is a big day filled with love.

It also makes me think about the many layers to my family that day. We were still dealing with Mom’s diagnosis and managing the changes that went along with it. The wedding weekend festivities were a lot for Mom. They borderline wore her out by Sunday between the anticipation, nonstop activitiy- bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal dinner and wedding day.  None of us really knew what to expect going into it. At the same time though as the bride you are busy with a lot of other things both physically, mentally and emotionally. It wasn’t really the circumstances I ever expected to exist at my wedding but at the same time the tight family unit that we are got us through them as seamless as possible. We all spent the day stepping in and out to assist Mom, to assist Me, to assist each other when necessary. Sister K especially, she had a hand in everything that day. Few people knew the true puzzle and many moving parts of this wonderful day.

We put on a smile and we put on a show. We put on a great wedding. We laughed, we acted silly, we cried, we danced- in a way we took off the mask that had been hiding Mom’s MS and we just said this is us. Life isn’t perfect but our life is full of love. Reflecting on that day reminds me that everyday is another version of this when we are with Mom. Showing the world who we are with Mom’s MS and relying on the love we have for each other to get us through these big moments.

Did anything unexpected happen on your wedding day? What is your favorite part of a wedding? How would you handle something like MS when there is a lot of focus on your family at a big event?

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