Changing of Seasons

Saturday marks the beginning of fall. To me fall is a magical time because there is so much anticipation in the air. There are lots of holidays to look forward to- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. There are days off from work, parties to attend, presents to buy, and visits with people you haven’t seen in awhile.

With each holiday season though there are new challenges for us as a family and so far no two years have been alike. Halloween specifically has undergone its own transformation over the past couple of years. The candy distribution has seen a complete overhaul in many ways. Mom and Dad have gone from sitting on the porch together passing out candy all evening to Mom passing it out as the doorbell rings, to Mom leaving candy on the door step because it is too difficult to get up and down. This is sad because while to some that may seem like a hassle it is something Mom loved to do. Seeing the kids, their costumes and the interaction.

In addition to the anticipation and excitement the fall season also brings with it a touch of nostalgia and sadness for me as I think about year’s past. Think about how one compares to the next. I think this is also just the nature of life- MS or no MS. No two years are the same and no two years will bring with them the same dynamics. It’s important to remember that for once this is not something unique to Mom’s MS. Life changes for everyone year to year.

Do you ever feel nostalgia comparing holiday experiences from the past to the present? Do you enjoy the fall season? What is your favorite holiday? Do you dress up for Halloween?

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