Monday Night Escape

I love this week every Fall. It is season premiere week and for someone like me who has several favorite tv shows and characters I have missed all summer, it is a big deal.

This time around though, Mom, Sister K and I have been emailing to pick a show to watch together. A show we could chat about and bond over as the tv season unfolds. We have selected Dancing With The Stars: All Stars which premieres tonight. I used to be a loyal viewer of the show, then stopped watching for awhile but this season some of my favorite dancers are back, so I will be too.

This may seem kind of silly or dumb. But I actually think it’s very important. With Mom’s MS and the restraints it has placed on her daily life, sometimes it is hard to find things to just escape and talk about; things that are not important at all but we can pretend are incredibly important; topics to bond over; new people to discuss. That’s the escape Dancing With The Stars provides us. It is similar to the escape the Bachelor/Bachelorette also provides.

The escape is important. The change in conversation is important. I believe it helps our relationship and provides us with good memories. It’s that relationship and the little inside jokes and comments we remember from these experiences that help us in the tough moments.

Does your family every bond over tv shows? Do you think it’s important to have a little escape into whatever show you may like such as the world of competitive celebrity ballroom dancing? Will you be watching Dancing With The Stars tonight?

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Escape

  1. It’s not silly at all!! What a great idea and hope you enjoy it. I used to watch too, but got away from it for some reason. But I do love Drew Lachey and hope he does well.

    Have fun watching with your mom and sister!!

    • Did you happen to Watch last week? Drew almost got voted off…he was in the bottom 2 with Pamela Anderson. That is unfair on so many levels. I think I may actually fire up the computer and start voting again tonight. Husband always laughs at me when I begin my reality tv show voting! Glad to know you are Team Lachey!

      • No I didn’t get a chance to see last week!! Can’t believe he was in the Bottom 2. I can see Pamela Anderson being there, but not him.

        Will be right along side of you blowing up the phone lines with my vote!! 🙂

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