Hello, This is My Life.

Sister K is between finishing grad school and starting her new job in October, so she is home this week. Dad had to go out of town on business and asked her to come in to help Mom out. This means I am spending the week left out of our mother/daughter trio and feeling jealous..bitter..and jealous.

But to make up for it Sister K has been snapping random iPhone pictures of Mom, updates on what they are doing, and funny comments that only she and I would understand. Sister K has a unique ability to roll with the punches in all of this. I think she does it better than me at times. Like today when Mom had finally gotten ready to go and had lunch, she then decided she needed to go lay down to rest…when Sister K texted me this I was thinking what??? Sister K just decided fine, I am going to set up my new iPad. But that’s what being part of a family with MS is in a way. It is rolling with the punches. We can have a perfectly scheduled day, but it hardly ever works out the way we have it planned. We never leave when we think we are going to, it takes us forever to get out the door, by the time we get somewhere we are usually cutting our plans in half because we have run out of time, and we have to find ways to combine all of these events into a one stop to minimize the number of times in and out of the car.

All of this is something that takes a lot of getting used to. It takes the ability to disown your plans and just own how off track your day is going to turn out. For someone who loves plans like me, this is not easy at all. Lately though when things start to go off course or off schedule I am learning to just stop and think: “Hello, this is my life.” And try to laugh.

Do you like making plans or are you more go with the flow? Do you think you can train yourself to be better at one or the other? Do you ever have moments of taking a step back and laughing thinking “Hello, this is my life”? Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night? Expect me to be talking about it all season. I am apologizing in advance to my readers.

4 thoughts on “Hello, This is My Life.

  1. You guys are such a close family. Do you know how many people would love to have what you have?
    Don’t faint – but I’ve never watched Dancing With The Stars! I have heard it is great, though. My favorite show is The Office reruns (I have the entire DVD set and keep them on while I lie in bed.) I also have a very guilty pleasure of watching some very trashy Housewives reality shows. Isn’t that awful??
    By the way, I love the title to this – Hello, This Is My Life. 🙂

    • Never watched Dancing with the Stars!? Jackie…I didn’t know people even existed like that in this world 🙂 I do love me some trashy Housewives tv. Currently obsessing over RHONJ and RHONY and waiting for RHOBH. Husband and I watch The Office reruns too. We actually are about a season, well now two behind…we buy the dvds and my whole family rotates watching them. We got my parents hooked awhile back too. I never watch it live though which is pretty funny to me- only on the dvds! Thanks for telling me all this- I love finding out the silly things like tv shows that everyone has in common too!

  2. It figures, I missed DWTS. Bad planning on my part. I totally gave up on planning years ago. I’ve always been a bit of a “go with a planned flow” kind of person, but MS will definitely MesS up a good plan in no time. I have to ditto Jackie on the title, it’s perfect 🙂

    • I like how you spelled MesS…I think that really brings out the true meaning of the “MS” in “mess!” The great thing about DWTS is you can always catch up this week- tonight actually 🙂 I am beginning to think “go with the flow” is more fun…trying to train myself to alter my planning ways…it’s a work in progress for sure.

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