A Small, but Big Deed

As I mentioned before, Sister K went home last week. While she was there she helped Mom around the house with some various chores. One of these was mopping the floors.

Today when they were on the phone Mom told Sister K how she was in such a good mood knowing the floors were mopped whenever she walked into the kitchen. One of the things that gets her down is the lack of things she can do to straighten the house like mopping/sweeping the floor. When you have a walker it is next to impossible to balance while also using a tall stick to move around the floor.

This was a little thing that Sister K did but it made a really big difference to Mom. I believe having a calm outer environment at times can help contribute to calming our emotions and stresses. Mom’s inner emotions and stresses seem to always be amplified a bit more because of MS and this overwhelms us as well. I think we forget that something as simple as mopping the floor can help to calm the waters inside and help Mom’s outlook on her day to day life. Lesson learned- what may seem like a small deed to me can make a big difference to Mom.

Have you ever done something small for someone that ended up making a big impact on them? Or has the opposite occurred in you being the one that were impacted by something small? Do you feel like your outer environment can contribute to your stress and emotional leve?

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