Weathering The Storm

Fall. It is one of my favorite seasons. Right now it is a strange transition between warm and cool temperatures- a transition I am struggling with in my wardrobe as well. Dress for the morning when its 50 or dress for the afternoon when its 80. But I am not complaining- the weather is beautiful.

It makes me wonder how much weather can impact our mood. Mom does not do well with the heat of the summer. But the cooler weather brings with it a change in her spirit. Sister K picked me up at work and took me to lunch today. I had been inside of an office building all day but the time I spent outside really rejuvenated me. I felt like I had a renewed outlook on my day. This is also in large part thanks to time spent with Sister K.

I have been thinking a lot about the phrase “weathering the storm.” Our life is similar to the weather in that we have our own seasons and our own changes. Some are dark and gloomy and some are bright and beautiful. But like the weather that is always changing, our circumstances are always changing too. As much as we try to see the storm coming, we aren’t always accurate in our predictions. Sometimes it slams us and sometimes it misses us altogether. The thing to remember though is eventually it will pass. Eventually we will “weather the storm”- the storms of the skies and the storms of our lives.

Do you feel like your mood changes depending on the weather? Have you “weathered any storms” recently in your own life? Do you believe dark and gloomy is necessary because it makes us appreciate bright and beautiful that much more? How is the weather today where you live?

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