The Changing Faces of Shopping

I know it’s a little early to begin talking about Christmas but I think it is acceptable to start talking about Christmas shopping. Specifically in my family, Christmas shopping has definitely evolved.

Mom has always loved Christmas and growing up I would hear her brag to her friends about how her Christmas shopping was done by July. I can envision her driving around in her minivan while we were at school buying things for people as she saw them and then hiding the gifts in the back of her closet. That vision seems like a long time ago. It makes me nostalgic but I find it important to remember those memories.

The point through is now instead of driving around, Mom opens her iPad and shops around all while sitting at the kitchen table. She tells us to email her “links” instead of the traditional handwritten Christmas list. And though the methods of obtaining the gifts may be different, she still feels useful and in charge of Christmas gifts just like she always was. This is important. It’s another way we fight to to continue living as we always have and another way thanks to modern technology Mom can still feel like Mom…especially at Christmas.

How do you holiday shop? Are there little responsibilities in your life like Christmas shopping that would be hard for you to have taken away? Do you prefer internet shopping? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

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