Is It a Relapse or Just MS?

MS confuses me. I am no expert on it and the more I try to learn about it the more questions I have than answers. The other issue is Mom doesn’t take much initiative to learn about it herself so that’s tough since it involves her. I think Mom prefers to avoid dealing with it whether than learning about it…leaving the messy decision making and responsibilities part of this up to us. It’s just how this works. It’s how Mom works.

This past weekend I was home to visit Mom and Dad. The past few times I have seen Mom I have noticed she seems to be having more trouble than usual with walking. She is having issues bending her legs when she sits in the car. She is having trouble picking her legs up at times and we lift them for her. This past weekend she fell while we were at Grandpa’s house. It was a scary moment because she physically does not have the strength to get herself up off the ground or to push herself up. So there I was with Dad trying to get her up but again you are lifting dead weight which makes it more difficult. Dad told me she fell again last night walking to the bedroom.

There is definite cause for concern but I can’t determine how much. I don’t understand MS relapses. Mom has only had one and it occurred this past June. But in the weeks leading up to it we did not know it was a relapse that was occurring but thought it was a number of other issues to include a broken hip and herniated disc. It ended up being a relapse and we realized it once she was in the hospital because she had lost the ability to move both of her legs. We didn’t know what was causing this. The hospital determined it was a relapse.

This time seeing what is occurring I am wondering if we are entering the beginning stages of another relapse or if this is unfortunately the progression MS takes for certain individuals.

How do you know the difference? At what point should you be concerned and at what point should you begin to accept this is sadly the progression of MS? Any advice or thoughts you may have would be appreciated. Dad has called Mom’s doctor and is waiting for a callback to determine if she should move up her appointment to this week. But I also realize that sometimes the greatest things I have learned have been from other people I have met in the blogging world going through their own situations.

2 thoughts on “Is It a Relapse or Just MS?

  1. It is hard to say? Did it come on suddenly? Is she more tired than normal or have any other signs/symptoms? Could very well be a relapse? If so, hopefully they can get her on IV Steroids to helps calm the inflammation. Also, is she on any medicine for Foot Drop? That could be something else you can look into if she is having trouble lifting her legs or feet up when walking?

    Will keep you mother and your family in my prayers and hope it is just a relapse and things will get better.

    • My parents actually have a doctor’s appt next week so hopefully they can get some more answers then. I am not sure if she is on any medicine for foot drop. I had actually not heard of that. I don’t think right now it is heading into a relapse but hopefully the doctor can guide us into what we need to be doing or what is realistic next week. My Dad thinks a set of IV Steroids would help her out right now but she is hesitant. Another tough part of all of this. Thank you for your support!

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