Lost in Memories

I have mentioned before, I am a cat person and a dog person- all rolled into one.

Husband only grew up with dogs because his Mom is allergic to cats. Therefore he doesn’t know if he is allergic. This has placed a nice little wedge in any plans of ours for a pet. We could get a dog, but until we live in a house we just don’t think we have the time to devote to it. Recently though someone in his grad program mentioned she was looking for someone to “cat sit” while she was studying abroad for the next few months and we  offered. We have our own motives too because it is a true test of whether Husband is or is not allergic to cats.

Well, Chloe arrived last night. It was a funny evening with her getting used to us and us getting used to her. Especially Husband just because he has never been around cats. But I called Mom to tell her about our new furry friend and I could sense some nostalgia for both of us. It made me feel like a little girl again with our own cat. It transported me back in time to our old house…growing up with Sister K, two little girls and our cat we loved to put in baby strollers, carry around the house in the oddest of positions, or even snuggle with to take naps. It’s taken me mentally back in time- a time filled with Mom and her minivan, carting us to lots of activities, volunteering at school, talking on the phone in the kitchen, all sprinkled with memories of my cat throughout. Almost as if I am appreciating childhood and memorializing the memories of it just a little bit more thanks to our new furry friend. My lesson of the day, sometimes it is nice to be nostalgic and to get lost in memories.

Do you allow yourself to get lost in old memories? Do you think it’s difficult to not be sad when you think of a time without illness in your life? Are you a cat person/dog person/neither person/both person/or alternate animal person?

2 thoughts on “Lost in Memories

  1. I’m not either actually, but now that both the kids are “almost” out of the house, the hubby and I have talked about a dog just to have a “life” in the house. I have lots of memory moments. They usually bring me sadness. Mot that they are of said things, that they are of the past and it might in some way have been happier. That’s my depression 🙂 I’m working on that.

    • I can understand…it is hard to think about the past and not get sad at times. It’s such an accomplishment that you are acknowledging and working through your depression. I think a dog would be a wonderful addition to your house. My parents are now “empty nesters” and those dogs are their lives. It is hilarious how well they are treated! Thank you for your comment.

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