Mother/Daughter Movie Time

I was home visiting one weekend and Dad was in the other room watching tv.  Mom and I were hanging out in my parents bedroom for some reason and I was flipping channels trying to find us a good chick flick to watch instead of whatever “boy movie” Dad was watching in the living room.  I found a show on ABC Family called Lucky Seven . We like these silly girly movies. They have been our thing for as long as I can remember.  Growing up in a family of girls, a chick flick usually wins out over an action film.  Plus Patrick Dempsy, aka Dr. McDreamy and Kimberly Williams from Father of the Bride, it’s the perfect combination for us! 

I turned on the movie and sat on the bench at the end of my parents bed with Mom. We were watching the movie, just sitting there.  No words spoken.  Happiness being felt.  Mom took my hand and said “Will you please just love me and be patient with me.”  I don’t remember what I responded but it doesn’t matter.  In that one sentence Mom summed up how she felt and continues to feel.  It was a sweet moment and made me wish I could freeze time so we could stay there forever.  Sitting on the bench, watching a movie, Mom not in pain or stressed, me not worrying or stressed.  I don’t remember what had exactly happened earlier in the day but I am guessing I let my lack of patience with Mom get the best of me.  I have a tendency to do that…   

I want to remember that moment because it was a gift.  It was simple.  There weren’t a lot of words and there was not even a lot of activity.  Many people would say there wasn’t even a good movie on tv, but I would have to disagree since we love girly ABC Family movies.  The point is that as MS has come into our lives our time together has changed and the activities we share are different.  We don’t run around as much as we used to but I find I cherish our simple moments more.  They cause me to pause more and really focus on them.  Today I don’t remember the shopping trip we may have had that weekend, even where we went for dinner but I do remember this evening spent holding Mom’s hand while we shared a movie.  I need to focus more on our sweet moments and less on big picture stress. 

In moments like this MS isn’t the focus but the love of a mother and daughter is and I have an ABC Family movie to thank for that.

2 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter Movie Time

    • You will be…the interesting thing about those moments is they are unplanned and simple. I have learned that since Mom got MS our most special moments are not the dinners or outings we have planned but the the small unplanned ones in between 🙂

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