25 Things

As I write this blog about my experience dealing with Mom’s MS I am showing a glimpse into our relationship.  But this is a relationship that has existed for 27 years and is in no way rooted in memories of Mom having MS.  Thinking about that fact I came up with 25 things (based on the popular 25 things on facebook) I want to share about Mom and me that are unrelated to having MS:

25. We met for the first time in Europe.  I was born in Heidelberg, Germany where Dad was stationed in the Army.
24. Since I am the oldest I lived 2 1/2 years of my life having Mom all to myself.
23. Mom loves to dance just like me.  She danced in our dance recitals when we were little in an adult ladies class and when I was 7 we did a Mother/Daughter routine together.  I thought I was so cool.
22. Mom and Dad went on glamorous dates when we were little.  I remember them leaving in tuxedos, military dress uniforms and Mom in beautiful dresses and jewelry. 
21. When Sister K and I were little we did baton twirling.  Mom would help us practice our routines, recording music on cassette tapes and counting for us during practices outside in the backyard.
20. Mom let us take over the living room with our toys and our “dining room” was Barbie Central in our house.
19. Mom was the one who always pushed me when I was scared.  She pushed me on a plane to Washington, DC when I was 17; She pushed me into my dorm room when I was 18; She pushed me on a plane again when I was 21 to study abroad in Europe for a month.  She never shed a tear in front of me for any of this but Dad said she always did once I was gone. 
18. We had an amazing trip to San Diego one time while Dad was working at a conference there.  Mom, Sister K and I explored the city together not knowing where we were or and making up plans to see things as we went along.
17. Mom was room mom for my class every year in elementary school.
16. Mom attached all my sequins for dance recital costumes on with a hot glue gun.  She believed you could solve all of life’s issues using a glue gun. 
15. Mom threw some great birthday parties for us at Chuck E Cheese.  
14. Mom loved and still loves to buy us clothes.  We love this about her, so does her VISA card.  
13. During my wedding Mom was my biggest cheerleader.  She flawlessly planned it all.
12. I bought the wedding dress that made Mom cry.  That’s how I knew I made the right decision.
11. Mom loves silly stories.
10. Whenever I have a story or comment to share I know I can always call Mom and she will laugh and listen.
9. Mom is our biggest role model.  For Sister K and me the only reason we ever did certain things was because Mom did.  
8. Mom drove us everywhere in a blue Dodge Caravan.  We practically lived in that Caravan my entire childhood.  
7. Mom and I love to watch chick flicks.  No matter how cheesy, movie theater or tv, we love them all. 
6. Mom’s friends love her.  They want to be around her and include her in whatever they do.
5. Mom is always the best to cuddle with on flights.  That’s probably why Sister K usually always sits next to her.
4. Mom makes us listen to Christmas music nonstop when it’s on the radio at Christmastime.
3. Mom is thoughtful and always gives thoughtful gifts.  She loved making us care packages at college, buying us treats to take back after a visit home and even buying us a Christmas tree for our college dorm rooms.
2. Mom, Sister K and me are best friends.  You mess with one of us you mess with all of us. 
1. A hug from Mom makes everything better.  Always has. Always will.
I wrote these things down because I need to remember them.  I need to focus on them.  These things describe Mom and they have nothing to do with MS.  These are the stories, the memories, the moments that we have shared and continue to share that have molded and created our strong bond.  I need to focus more on who Mom is without allowing MS to cloud my every thought associated with us.   Because at her core she is not Mom with MS she is just Mom.  Mo

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