Looking Forward

Today I am excited.  I am excited as I always am to be going home.  But today especially because we are all piling into Sister K’s car and heading home to celebrate Easter weekend.  I love this time.  Time spent in the car with just Husband, Sister K and me.  Moments of laughter, usually courtesy of Sister K, teaching Husband about Back Street Boys or NYSNC, or sometimes even deep conversation that surprises us all.  We have become quite the trio since I got married and that’s in large part thanks to Sister K.   

Another reason to be excited, today I get to see Mom. A big “Mom hug” awaits my arrival.  The kind of hug that makes everything better.  Looking forward to a weekend of laughing and talking and teasing Mom as all sisters do.  A weekend with my favorite people.  A weekend with my best friends. A weekend with family. 

Mom, Sister K and I have big plans for shopping Target to be exact.  Sister K and I are trying to think more outside the box than our usual mall spots because Mom is more relaxed and able to do more when we go somewhere that offers scooters.  Target is always a great option.  We’ve always found a way to get lost in Target for hours and leave with lots of things we don’t really need.  Plus have you seen this Target commercial ….it just makes you happy.  It also makes me want to go buy lots of bright colored clothes.  I emailed it to Mom and Sister K to get everyone pumped up for our weekend together. 

So today I am looking forward.  Looking forward and feeling happy.  Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter Weekend!

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