Back to School

I always feel strange in August being a grown adult and watching everyone else head back to school. I know kids I used to babysit going back to school, I know friends who are teachers going back to school, but my life remains mostly unphased by all of this in August. No big changes, no big milestones, the only real impact “back to school” has on me is “back to traffic and school zones.”

But seeing as how this summer has felt very strange with everything that happened with Mom beginning in May, I feel like in a way my family is heading back to school with her recovery. She began working with her physical therapist yesterday and when I talked to her on the phone today she sounded upbeat and happy. It made me feel good. It made me feel hopeful again. It also made me feel like maybe in a way my family was coming out from our own summer break. Our summer break though wasn’t full of lazy days, pool time and vacations but began with Mom’s relapse in May and was full of overnight hospital visits, stressful moments, big decisions, and a tough recovery road.

We survived it though. We are also continuing to survive. And this August as everyone heads back to school I am reminded of how life was in May as everyone was getting out of school for the summer. As I watched people update their facebook status to reflect summer vacation, Sister K and I were taking turns staying in a hospital room with Mom. I didn’t know how it would all turn out. I couldn’t imagine August even coming because I couldn’t fully comprehend what was even going on in that moment in May. But today I can see how far we have come. We still have a ways to go but that’s just more motivation as my family begins its own MS school year this August.

Do you have anyone in your life heading back to school this year, either as a student or teacher? Do you ever think of August as marking the beginning of a new year similar to January? Was your summer full of regular summer fun or any unexpected life events like mine? Has anyone else been enjoying the light traffic and no school zones this summer?

6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I don’t have anyone close to me going back to school but it’s a long time since I thought about my school days. I started liking going back to school when I was in high school. It was a chance to see my friends all the time and hang out in the hallways. Fond memories.

    • I have to agree. When I think back to back to school time it was always a fun time to see friends I hadn’t seen all summer with the excitement of a new year. Especially in high school when it marked a new year on dance team, a new football season, new routines, performances, etc. Plus I love shopping for new school supplies! Even to this day I love Office Depot 🙂

  2. It has definitely been better for the lack of traffic. I don’t get out and drive much anymore but, when I do, the last thing I want is traffic. Saw enough of that in 12 years of driving a truck than I ever want to see again 🙂 It’s good to hear that your Mom is making progress towards recovery from her relapse.

    • I bet you really saw it all in 12 years of driving a truck in traffic. Did you ever head up north? When I lived in Denver I always felt so bad for the truck drivers whose cars would get stuck in the snow heading up the mountains. Thanks for thinking of my mom- I am staying hopeful as I have said on her recovery and making progress…it’s baby steps but it’s something and I need to remember that. Thank you for your comment and for reading!

      • Unfortunately, I saw way more than I wanted to. Yes, I spent a good bit of time up North (unfortunately, again), but they know better up there what to do with snow and ice. The state I had the most weather problems with was Arkansas. I can’t count how many nights I spent sleeping on the Interstate because they didn’t have the equipment or the training to handle it. I’ve forgotten who was governor at the time (I know it wasn’t Clinton), but one year when they asked him what the state was going to do about all the icy roads he said “God put down there, He’ll get it up”. LOL I got to drive through 47 of the 48 contiguous states (missed North Dakota).

        Again, prayers and best wishes for your Mom’s continued recovery. The reading was and is my pleasure.

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