Gotta Have Faith

I have to have faith in Dad.  I think Sister K and I like to jump the gun, think we know best and take over.  And we can’t.  I had a nice talk with Dad last night on the phone which he said, I need you both to trust me that if and when the time comes that we need more help I fully intend to go get it. I am not going to  wear myself out and I will know when that time comes.  He also told me that unless Sister K and I intend to go back to school to get our nursing licenses we can’t help at the level that may be needed.  That kind of made me laugh.

So Sister K and I are still working through things, we are still figuring them out but we are realizing we have to have faith in Dad.  Faith that as Mom’s best friend he’ll know when, if it ever becomes necessary, to make the decision about getting extra help at home.  He’ll know what he needs to do to take care of Mom and himself and we’ll be there to support him through it.

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