Flying High

We are in the process of booking flights for our trip next summer. Since it will be a long flight we are wanting to make sure we get good seats for Mom especially. I called American Airlines last night to talk to them about upgrades, Advantage miles, etc. Dad and I are going to book the flights on Saturday. Keeping my fingers crossed we get someone on the phone who is knowledgable. Who can help us to book the best travel available to us. But like Dad always taught me, if you don’t like your answer simply hang up and call back. This is a valuable lesson that has served me well in life.

Curious if anyone has any advice on flying with an accessibility, especially a long distance? We have flown with Mom before so this isn’t completely new territory. We have learned how to get assistance to and from the gate, allow extra time to get through security and make sure Mom takes enough breaks to walk around on the plane. This time we will also be taking extra equipment: her walker, her own wheelchair, etc. Lots of little things that I need to figure out how the transportation of these items will work.

I am making a list of questions. I love a good list and I also love crossing items off a list. The list for this trip, I know it’s going to be long. But something about that makes this trip so much more meaningful. I know it is going to take a little extra work planning but I also know it is going to make the experience that much more meaningful. The thought of that is something that makes me smile.

Does anyone have any tips to help book a good reservation over the phone? Anyone else sleepy today because I sure am..

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