It’s Back!

Last Monday marked an important night in our household- the return of Dancing With The Stars! If you have followed my blog you know Mom and I are big fans of the show. This season though felt more special and more fun kicking off. Sister K even agreed to watch it….we’ll see if she sticks to it.

But it felt special because as I am feeling lots of changes with Mom right now, one thing that remains is this TV show however silly that may sound. She loves Dancing With The Stars and so do I. We can talk about the show and recap it together. We have our favorite performers, our favorite pros, our favorite songs to discuss…all of it. It is truly a fun life escape for us together and an experience we can share even though we aren’t physically together. Dancing With The Stars is easy to follow, fun and uplifting…it gives me a guaranteed special moment with Mom every Monday evening and for days to come…and for that I am thankful.

It also isn’t lost on me that Jack Osbourne who has been diagnosed with MS is on the show. He specifically said in his introduction last week that he is doing it to raise awareness for MS. Remarkable. It feels personal too. Every time I watch him I smile thinking of his courage and strength and how he is out there speaking and dancing for Mom.

So here we go again for another season of Dancing With The Stars…are you watching? Who are your favorites? Do you and your family have any shared TV shows you are loyal to watching and discuss after? 

The One Person Who Understands

If you have been reading my blog the past couple of months you may have noticed I am slightly obsessed with Dancing with the Stars. Last night was the finale and I was so excited when they announced Melissa and Tony had won the mirror ball trophy. I really liked all of the remaining couples but after 14 seasons Tony had never won it once and I felt like he really deserved it! Beside the point…back to my blog post…

After the show ended I was so excited. My sister happened to call and I was telling her what happened. She was laughing at me and saying that’s great sis, now moving on..she doesn’t share in my love for the show. I got off the phone and just stood there. Husband wasn’t home yet and I was all alone in my excitement. I needed someone to share it with and I had this overwhelming urge- I need to call Mom. I know Mom will understand. I know Mom is just as excited as I am. So I called home and we yelled and shrieked over the phone together. We talked about the final dances… what we thought was going to happen… she didn’t realize Tony had never won… she also liked Shawn and Derek but was happy for Melissa and Tony…we went on and on… you would think we were personally involved. In many ways we felt like we were.

In those moments though and on that phone call Mom was just Mom. She was my Mom. We were laughing together and bonding over something that only we both love. Dancing with the Stars was our show all season. It’s these moments that I cherish right now. The moments where I have this overwhelming urge that “I have to call Mom.” The moments where I know she is the only person in the world who will react, respond or understand what I have to say. The moments where I am reminded of Mom for who she is without MS.

So last night I was very thankful. Thankful for a TV show that gave me back Mom for a moment and reminded me of why I do continue on in my fight against Mom’s MS. Because in the dark moments whether she knows it or not, I am fighting for her. Fighting for the Mom who sits on the phone with me yelling about Dancing with the Stars finale results…fighting for the Mom who many times is truly the one person in the world I know will understand my emotions.

Do you have someone in your life you call to share in silly moments of excitement? Is there a reality TV show you are hooked on and feel personally invested in the results? Do you think it’s possible that in the midst of this dark week I found a bright spot to cherish with my Mom? If you watched Dancing With the Stars, what did you think of the results?

TV Talk

I have mentioned Mom and I are watching Dancing With The Stars this season…together but not physically together. Sister K is sort of watching as well but her participation is weakening. Dad is pretty much a “no show” at all times. But Mom and I- we are hard core.

Today I called Mom at lunch and wasn’t really sure what to talk about. So I just started talking about Dancing With The Stars. Did you watch last night? What did you think? Who do you like? Then we quickly got off the phone. It was quick and mindless but it was important. It was important because we were talking about a topic that had nothing to do with either of our lives but it was something we had in common. It had nothing to do with MS and nothing to do with my life. It wasn’t depressing but uplifting. It wasn’t deep but light.

Sometimes Mom and I struggle with the serious conversations. We struggle with discussing stories that require deep thought and analysis. This is kind of tough for me. It continues to be tough for me because it’s part of the changing nature of our relationship because of MS. I believe what Mom desires is to keep things light. Dancing With The Stars gives me some easy help in this department. It provides me with not only a light topic to talk about, but it is a light topic I enjoy talking about. I know it may not make a lot of sense but to someone who is looking for stable similarities in a relationship that is full of constantly evolving differences…this is important to me, important to us.

Do you have any easy/light conversation topics you rely on? Do you believe TV isn’t the all powerful evil force it is made out to be but can sometimes bring people together? Have you been watching Dancing With The Stars?