A Spring Statement Piece

The good news, Mom does not have a stress fracture in her hip.  The bad news, the doctor doesn’t know what is causing the pain.  She was given a shot in her muscle which seemed to calm things down but she woke up this morning again in pain.  If the pain does not improve today she is going to go back and receive a lumbar scan to see if this is a nerve. Mom and Dad sounded upbeat though last night. That was a relief to hear. Today though a little less upbeat, a little more unsure. 

To perk up Mom’s spirits, Sister K and I spent the morning like we always do sending her emails.  We forwarded promos we received from stores, comments on The Bachelorette premiere last night, or silly stories we read online. Email is a great way for us to communicate during the day because Mom has an iPad so she is able to be on the computer without having to maneuver and actually sit in our computer room.  She can sit at the kitchen table or even be laying in bed checking emails.   

I knew Mom must have been feeling a little better today when all of a sudden I saw her name appear in my inbox.  Then it appeared again and again as she was replying to the emails sent several hours ago.  One of her responses in particular made me laugh.  Mom used to be an avid All My Children fan.  We laughed that Susan Lucci was her idol. Now that it has been canceled she has been branching out and watching the other new abc shows, The Chew and The Revolution.

So this afternoon she emailed us the following message based on what she had just seen on The Revolution:

the world is a stage,every day you are the actor…work it!
Big things for Spring . . 
Metallics, shine, lace, eyelets, mix patterns,
Colors- pastels and sorbet (this is a watered down pastel shade)
Splurge on the ONE piece that brings energy to you, like a statement necklace, or a bling headband added to a simple outfit
Wedges or espadrilles in bling color
Arm, ear or wrist candy in a neon color added to a simple outfit.(not huge pieces)

Yes. The email is all over the place and practically verbatim from the show but that is the art of Mom on an iPad.  The best part is Sister K and I can speak this fluently and understand everything she is saying. 

But when I asked what her statement piece for Spring would be she replied: “Pinky”

{I am not sure I have explained this yet but Mom has a pink walker.  We don’t call it a walker. I decided a long time ago I wasn’t going to refer to this thing as a walker and no one else would either. So we named it Pinky. And it is called Pinky by everyone, everywhere we go. This is a topic for another day though. Pinky deserves her own post.}

So what is the point of this email with fashion tips for Spring? To show that I am truly from a family of girls.  A family of fashion loving girls. And we have successfully found a way for Mom to continue to show this side of her amidst everything else. To the point where she now refers to her walker, “Pinky” as her statement piece for Spring. 

It makes you think about what the phrase “statement piece” should really mean.  In Mom’s email The Revolution said it is “one piece that brings energy to you.”  Typically you would think it is a necklace or bracelet, but could it be something more?  Could it be a positive attitude? Could it be a smile? Could it be a little more patience?  For me right now it is all 3 of these things.  Mom says her statement piece is Pinky but Pinky symbolizes so much more.  Pinky symbolizes a part of her acceptance of this piece of her life.  Some days this acceptance is easier than others. 

So this Spring I will also be wearing my own statement piece everyday- a more positive attitude about life and most importantly about Mom’s MS.  One of patience, of smiles, of laughter and most importantly love.

Do you already have a Spring statement piece? Have you ever thought of using a statement piece as a means to make a personal change in yourself? Do you think I maybe do need a new necklace/statement piece just because it is Spring?