Hope for a Minute

I am having a tough week. Well more like a tough couple of weeks. It puts things into perspective because there was a time when this had to do with Mom’s MS and today my tough time has nothing to do with Mom’s MS. I suppose there is a silver lining in this. I wish I could take a break from “finding the silver lining” but that’s life.

I was talking to Dad yesterday and said I just feel hopeless. I feel like I have hoped and been optimistic and I am worn out. He gave me some good advice. He said don’t consider hope to be something you have to do forever. Just focus on the next hour and say, for the next hour I am going to be hopeful. When that hour is up you can go back to being down or can try another hour. Take it a minute at a time, an hour at a time, a day at a time and work up to feeling hopeful all the time.

I have to admit it is sort of working. Right now I am in increments of minutes. I’ve made it to about 5/10 today before I have my negativity resurface. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

How do you stay hopeful/optimistic when life seems to be leading you any way except positively? Have you ever tried to incorporate changes into your life on a smaller level to combat being overwhelmed? What is a positive escape when you need a “life break”? This is your weekly reminder- Dancing With The Stars is tonight! Let’s go Team Lachey- get out the reality tv vote tonight so he can live to see another week of dancing!

I believe in…

I believe in the power of prayer and I believe in the power of a Mother’s love.

One of the greatest blessings I have is my Mother. This is also one of the reasons I struggle with this disease that is impacting her life so strongly. But I also know beyond the walker and beyond the MS, at the core of who she is, she is my Mom.

Today I am kind of down. I called Mom to express these various reasons with her. It was instinctive really. I felt down, I needed to talk, I called Mom. I called her as I was walking to church on my lunch hour. We talked and she listened. She encouraged and through her voice I felt the presence of her love. Her ability to somehow help me know everything will be alright. I then went to church and prayed. 40 minutes after the start of my lunch hour I felt better. I felt uplifted and I had a more positive perspective.

The Lord gives us Mothers for a reason. I also know he gave me my specific Mom for a reason too. Today I put the two hand in hand, leaned on both of them and this afternoon I feel like everything is going to be okay. My problems aren’t solved, but I do have greater peace of mind. A greater piece of mind I hope to continue and reflect on during this long weekend.

Who or what helps you through a tough time or a tough moment? Who do you call when you need to talk? Wishing you a safe, relaxing and happy holiday weekend!